My Basic Eyebrow Routine: Shape and Fill

My brows have never been my favorite facial feature. My brow hairs insist on growing all over the place in the middle of my brow and then they stop extending at the tail so I'm left with sad half-brows. I've settled with the fact that I will probably never have power brows and I'm perfectly fine with having unobtrusive brows that blend into my overall look. Here are the handful of tools that I have been relying on recently to groom my brows.

To get rid of excess hair above the top part of my brows, I rely on an eyebrow razor because it is much less painful than tweezing and quicker as well. I purchased my eyebrow razors in a pack of three at a local Asian drugstore and they were only a few bucks. For stray hairs under my brow, I will pluck them with my trusty mini Tweezerman tweezers. I believe these Harajuku Lovers ones were on sale years ago at Sephora and they work great. I don't use stencils and kind of wing it so my brows never look quite the same when I shape them. Just the other day I was trying to shape the top of my right brow a little differently and shaved a bit too much hair so now I have a super flat brow....

But that's what we have eyebrow pencils for! I use the Innisfree Eyebrow Pencil most days. I bought this handy little pencil for less than $4 and I barely have to use any product to get the look I want. The angled edge makes it easy to draw on my brows and the spoolie on the other end is really convenient.

Recently I got a sample of the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel and have been using it after I fill in my brows to set the pencil and to keep hairs in place. I don't have many brow hairs to begin with so this step isn't necessary for me. I like that the formula doesn't make my brows feel crunchy or dry.

My brow routine is very basic and far from perfect. But I just bought a new product to play with so I'm excited to review it once I've tested it out a couple of times. Hopefully I can step up my brow game in the future because it's definitely one of my weakest features. What do you use to groom and fill your brows?


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