Esqido's 'Unforgettable' Mink Lashes

False lashes can transform even the most simple eye makeup looks into a glam and gorgeous spectacle. I watch a lot of Youtube folk who don falsies regularly in their videos and always long for those full lashes that make their eyes look brighter and bigger. But falsies are more often than not a pain in the butt to apply and keep on throughout the day. I just don't have five extra minutes to wait for glue to dry and carefully place a thin strip of hair on my lashline. So falsies are reserved for more special occasions. Since I don't wear lashes all that often, I thought it would be a good idea to invest in the Esqido mink lashes which are pricey but are supposed to last up to 25 uses. These retail for $43 but are on promotion on the Esqido website for $36. I purchased the most natural pair called Unforgettable at IMATS for $20. Twenty bucks for false lashes is pretty pricey but if I can wear these 25 times, that's not a bad deal at all....

The Unforgettable lashes are a stunning set of criss cross lashes that taper to fine, natural wisps. Since my eyes are pretty small and my natural lashes are sparse, I tend to go for more natural false lashes. The lash band on these are made of cotton and are supposed to be very soft and flexible. The lashes have a very nice curl to them which I can further enhance when curling my natural and false lashes together. Although this is one of Esqido's most natural lashes, I still found them to be quite dramatic on my eyes. You can definitely tell I am wearing lashes, which I don't personally think is a negative. 

The lash band is quite long so I had to trim off a bit of the ends so that these would fit on my lash line. The first time I wore these, I hadn't trimmed the lash enough so the inner corner of my eye was very irritated. After about two hours of being outside, my eyes hurt a lot and I couldn't stand the irritation anymore so I had to take these off. The second time around, I cut the lashes a bit more and the fit was definitely better. But I still had some issues with the inner corner of the lash irritating one of my eyes. This is probably user error but I've worn other lashes without these issues in the past. 

Besides how beautiful these lashes looked in the box, the other main selling point was the fact that you can wear these up to 25 times. "Up to" is definitely the key word here because I don't think these will last past five uses for me. Each time I've taken off these lashes, I've had maybe five to seven individual hairs fall off the band. I am quite careful when removing and cleaning these lashes as well. They still look normal and reusable but I think after a few more uses, the gaps in the lash will become much more apparent. For reference, I use Revlon's lash glue which I find a lot easier to use than Duo and the lasting power is better. I found Duo very difficult to remove as well.

To be frank, my experience with these Esqido lashes were not what I had envisioned. I was very excited to wear these lashes but they just didn't feel as comfortable or durable as they should be for the price. I've definitely gotten five uses from $5 Ardell lashes before so to barely get that mileage with lashes that retail for $34 is ludicrous. Hopefully I can squeeze a few more tries with these guys because they do look very pretty. Have you tried Esqido lashes? Do you have any tips on how to care for mink lashes?


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