Getting Serious About Undereye Skincare

My skin concerns have always included everything from excessive oiliness to acne and hyperpigmentation but I've always been thankful that my undereyes were relatively untroubled. Lately I've been thinking I could use a bit of extra TLC for the thin skin under my tired eyes and acquired a few new products that I wanted to touch on briefly.

Evening time seems to be the best time to relax wrinkly eyes and plump up the surrounding skin with moisture. I splurged on the Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye Cream because I tried the formula on the back of my hand and liked the lightweight yet hydrating feel. It doesn't feel like it's loaded with silicone or anything of the sort and smoothes onto the skin nicely. The main ingredient blend in this eye cream is Sunday Riley's signature NV-5 Ageless Complex, a concoction of prickly pear extract, blue agave extract, lady's slipper orchid extract, opuntia tuna fruit, opuntia cactus extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract and yeast extract. Honestly, besides the calming effects of aloe, I couldn't tell you much more about those other extracts. Besides the formula, the packaging is gorgeous and I love an eye cream that comes with a pump. You get a full one ounce as opposed to the typical half an ounce so the $85 price tag isn't bad at all. I haven't seen dramatic results yet but then again my under eyes aren't in need of dire help so this is more of a preventative measure.

Another eye cream I have been using on some mornings when I have the time is the StriVectin-EV Get Even Dark Circle Corrector which I received as gratis from Birchbox. I received this just after I placed my order for the Sunday Riley which is why I have two eye creams. However, I consider the Stri-Vectin a morning eye cream since it has a tiny bit of microshimmer to artificially brighten the under eyes. I don't like to use skincare products with shimmer in the evening because it simply doesn't make sense to put on glitter when all I'm doing is sleeping. The StriVectin eye cream is a lightweight cream that spreads out evenly and doesn't have too much shine. It's a lot nicer than the popular Origins Ginzing Eye Cream which I personally dislike due to it looking more like a highlighter than an eye cream. I like that this eye cream gives me a bit of extra hydration under my eyes before I wear concealer since the weather has been so dry lately.

The Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels are more of a luxurious treat that offer temporary results but I bought them anyway because you need an at-home spa night every once in awhile. These individually wrapped eye masks have a gel patch that instantly feels cooling on the skin. The feeling fades after a minute or two. The masks are not wet at all which I found odd and I would prefer some essence just so I feel like I'm delivering nutrition to my skin. The ingredients include olive fruit oil and angelica root water along with jojoba seed oil and cranberry seed oil. Honestly, you don't feel any indication of those ingredients when you have this on. After using this mask, my skin looked slightly tighter in the sense that any super fine lines that I have are relaxed. This treatment is probably best used in conjunction with another face mask or all over treatment. These would be great to pack in a carry-on pouch for traveling!

Here's to hoping that this regimen will help prevent premature undereye sagging due to my long hours staring at a computer and other bad lifestyle habits. What do you do to maintain smooth, plump undereyes?


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