KIKO Soft Touch Blush and Thoughts on KIKO in NYC

KIKO is a semi-well known brand in Europe but it doesn't quite have brand recognition in the states yet. I had seen the Italian company's products on blogs years ago but had my first look at the brand last year when I picked up their Soft Touch Blush in Portugal. To be honest, this is one of those things I was really excited for when I first bought it but neglected it for most of the time I've had it. The Soft Touch Blushes are great but they've definitely not had enough love. I finally dug it out recently and started using it again so I could review it and also provide a short review of the new KIKO store in Queens Center Mall in New York.

I don't remember how much I purchased the Soft Touch Blush in 108 Orange Coral for but I think it was something around $10. KIKO is a relatively inexpensive makeup line and they have a very extensive range of shades and products. The packaging of the blushes is a matte black casing that looks chic. Each compact contains .17 ounces of product which is standard for blushes.  

Shade 108 is a matte coral that looks great for an everyday makeup look. The powder is pigmented and tightly packed so you won't get a lot of fall out when you dip your brush into the pan. I like that this blush is buildable so I can control how bold my cheeks are. I think this shade would look beautiful on a variety of skin tones and is worth a try if you ever stumble across KIKO. 

I was looking at KIKO's website a few weeks ago just to see what new products they had and I realized they opened a free standing store in Queens Center Mall. I used to go to this mall with my mom all the time when I was a kid so I was pretty stoked that KIKO was finally available near me! I texted Monika and we were prepared to swatch our money away. While the product lineup is essentially identical to what you will find at a European KIKO store, the prices are a bit higher. The single shadows are $6 and then ones that come in the Clics system are $8. The eyeshadow sticks that I love are $12 whereas they are around $9 in Europe. The prices are still good considering the quality is good and KIKO regularly does promotions. However, the thing I found the most frustrating was the unrelenting staff at the store. I hesitate to even call them a team because there was absolutely no communication between the workers. Monika and I were in the store for maybe half an hour tops and we were approached at least half a dozen times by several sales girls in an empty store. We made it abundantly clear we were just looking around and we were familiar with the products but we were pretty much harassed anyway. It was not a very pleasant experience and it made me leave empty handed. While I'm happy I have access to KIKO in my home borough, I'll be sure to make my future visits relatively short.

What do you think of KIKO? Have you tried any of the products before?


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