TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System: Pros and Cons

Airbrush makeup is one of those things I had never thought of owning because it always seemed like something I should leave up to the pros. I had seen and heard of the TEMPTU and it looked intriguing but I never looked into it further. A few months ago I received the TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System and a few pods as gratis from work and had the chance to finally try my hand at professional grade makeup. So is it worth the hype?

Let's start off with the prices and nitty gritty details. The airbrush system by itself costs $125 with a one year warranty and 45 day money back guarantee. There are foundation, blush, bronzer and highlighter pods that work with the airbrush system that vary in size and price. The foundation pods contain 12ml or .41 fl oz and cost $45. This is less than half the standard size of one fluid ounce of foundation and one fluid ounce would cost about $110. That is incredibly expensive and honestly outrageous considering you must purchase a TEMPTU pod to use with the machine. The blush pods are $30 while the bronzer and highlighters are $35. The blushes, bronzers and highlighters are 8ml or .28 fl oz. 

In terms of usability, the TEMPTU is really easy to use and apply on others and yourself. You are meant to use the foundation alone so you can skip primer, concealer and powder. I have tested the foundation out with other combinations of products and have found that for my oily skin, it helps to set everything with a very light layer of powder. The foundation is very buildable so you can achieve a very light layer of makeup that evens out redness and enlarged pores and add more product to scars and breakouts to cover them up. The TEMPTU is supposed to eliminate the need for makeup brushes but I find a Beautyblender is great to have on hand to blend away any excess product. 

The benefit of the TEMPTU is clearly the luminous yet natural finish it imparts. After using this, I can see why airbrushed results are the hallmark traits of a beautiful makeup look. I tend to get many more compliments on my skin when I use my TEMPTU. It takes very little time to actually apply the product once you have the system plugged in and ready to go. The foundation is very comfortable to wear and feels lightweight and breathable. The lasting power is very good and can last me a whole day with maybe just a blot and powder to control my oily skin. The foundation tends not to cake on me although there have been instances where it has (I'll touch upon that in the next paragraph). The TEMPTU foundation photographs beautifully in both natural lighting and with flash, making this perfect for special occasions. 

My drawbacks concerning the TEMPTU are rather minor things that I hope can be improved on for the future. The first issue is that the TEMPTU must always be plugged into an outlet when in use. This is difficult for me because I don't have a convenient power outlet where my vanity is. I wish there was an internal battery that could be charged like the Clarisonic. Another issue that has nothing to do with the makeup application but still peeves me is the loud noise the motor of the system makes. The engine sound is quite loud and not pleasant at all when applying makeup. Going back to the issue I had with caking, I found that the foundation looks awful when applied to dehydrated or dry skin. This is especially an issue if you had normal skin in the morning and your skin gets increasingly dry throughout the day. I've had the foundation separate and accentuate flakes on my skin before which was very unappealing. Just make sure to moisturize well beforehand and if needed, apply a small amount of moisturizing primer to prevent flakes. Also, be sure to close your eyes when applying any of the products close to your eyes because many a time have I sprayed foundation or highlighter without closing my entire eyelid and found irritating residue on my contact lenses. 

Above is a before and after of just the TEMPTU foundation on my skin. Click on the photo or open it in a new window to get a closer look at my pores in all their glory. The finish looks matte in the photo but in real life it definitely looks more glowy. Pretty much all my redness is gone and if I went in with another layer around my acne marks, they would be mostly covered up. 

That sums up most of my thoughts on the TEMPTU airbrush makeup system. Watch the video below to see a demo and to get a better idea of how the foundation applies and looks on the skin.

What do you think about the TEMPTU airbrush makeup system? Would you splurge on this technology? Or are you happy with the way your normal foundation looks? Feel free to ask me about anything I might have missed in my review!


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