Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set: Before and After

Eyebrows are having a moment and the spotlight doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon. Unfortunately, I find little joy in doing my eyebrows and it is the chore in my makeup routine. I was looking for a product that could easily fill in the sparse ends of my brows and stay in place all day. I was intrigued by the Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set because I had seen positive reviews on it and I wanted a 2-in-1 product to define and hold my brows in place.

It was pretty difficult choosing one of the six shades online but I ended up with Quiet Brunette, the third darkest shade. The 5 gram tube costs $17 which I think is quite reasonable since you don't need a whole lot of product per use. The wand is a small tapered spoolie which makes it easy to comb through the brows and to draw more precise lines. Since I have so little brow hair at the tail of my brow, I use the pointed tip to draw the ends of my brows. The formula is quite pigmented so you have to be careful not to catch too much gel onto your skin. You have a few seconds to wipe away any mistakes before the gel really sets and becomes more difficult to remove. While I don't intend to swim or submerge myself in water to test out the waterproof claim, this is a long lasting product that stays in place all day long. 

Above you can see how much a difference the brow set makes for my sad natural brow hairs. I comb out the hairs at the front a bit and mostly focus on filling in the outer half. The shade I have is definitely more on the warm side which I can get away with due to my dyed hair. I wish the shade was a bit more cool toned and ashy as I think it would look more natural. The shade that is a touch lighter is much more red and the darker shade is too dark.

I personally don't think this is my favorite brow product by itself. I have gotten compliments on my brows when I use this and I think it gives a nice, natural effect from a few feet away. But up close, I'm not a huge fan of the shade. I also need to be careful not to apply too much of this because it can look intense if I get too much gel on my skin.

If you find a shade that is perfect for your skintone and hair color and you have a brow shape that you are happy with, I think you'd enjoy this a lot. If you don't have a structured brow already, you need to experiment with this a bit to get the hang of it. I'm still more comfortable filling in my brows with an angled pencil and combing through with a clear brow gel. What do you think of tinted brow gels? Are you a fan?


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