Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm: For Lips?

Yeah, it wasn't a typo. This is a look at Dr. Lipp's Nipple Balm for Lips. Nipple balm? What does that mean? Apparently this was formulated by a man for his wife's chapped lady bits when she was breastfeeding their child and I guess they figured it would make a great moisturizer for the lips and it became a hit in the U.K. I was skeptical about this at first because the name just sounded like a gimmick but I tried a sample of it from Birchbox and was surprised at how well this worked. 

This balm is simply 100% medical grade lanolin, a natural blend of oils and waxes that is harvested from sheep's wool. According to the Dr. Lipp website, there are no added parabens, sulfates, fragrances or colorings. The 15 ml tube costs $14.50 which makes it a mid priced lip balm. If you use it exclusively for your lips, the tube will last you a good amount of time. If you choose to use it on your cuticles or other parts of your body, you're going to go through this quite quickly.

I like the easy to use squeezy tube that allows me to control exactly how much product I need. The amount shown here is more than enough to coat my lips. While the balm looks kind of cloudy and yellowish, it goes on clear and looks glossy on my lips. Dr. Lipp claims this is a scentless product but I can detect a very faint smell. It's not a fragrant scent and probably a natural scent that comes with lanolin. 

The tacky texture put me off at first because I was worried this would be ultra sticky on my lips. Even though the balm is sticky on your fingers and immediately when you apply it to the skin, it transforms to a lighter texture once your body heat works its magic. Dr. Lipp is ultra comfortable on my lips and noticeably soothes them when they're feeling raw and chapped from the brutal winter we've been having. I have some itchy spots on my body where my skin is very dry and applying a small bit of Dr. Lipp stops the itching. 

I didn't think I'd be sold on Dr. Lipp's Nipple Balm but I have to admit it's a pretty darn good lipbalm. Keep this little guy in your makeup bag and I'm sure you'll get a few confused chuckles from people who see this. Have you tried lanolin for your lips? Do you think you'd give Dr. Lipp a try?


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