Beauteque March 2015 BB Bag

Asian beauty products never fail to surprise or confuse me and I'm usually game to try the newest fad. I was pretty stoked when I was contacted by a company called Beauteque to see if I wanted to try out their monthly beauty bag. The Beauteque BB Bag is a monthly subscription service that includes seven to eight full sized Asian beauty products in each bag. Each month costs $24 plus shipping which is a pretty good deal considering the number of products you receive. 

This month's bag included seven products from skincare to makeup. The package itself arrives in a bubble mailer which isn't the best form of packaging for this kinds of shipments. You can see the postcard above is a bit bent from transit. Some of the smaller products were placed inside a reusable makeup pouch. This month, the pouch had lipstick motifs on it which isn't exactly my style. The bag itself also smelled strongly of chemicals or some kind of manufacturing scent which was off-putting. These negatives aside, the products that arrived in the bag are quite intriguing. There were two full sized skincare items from The Face Shop, a well known Korean beauty brand, which is quite impressive. There were also two single use sheet masks for the hands and hair which is great for those who like to try out Asian masks. 

The two products that caught my attention the most were the Beauteque Pore Control Blackhead Brush and Etude House Eyeshadow. I've seen these pore brushes before but never bought one because I wasn't sure if it would work. The synthetic bristles are very soft and the brush itself is well constructed. I'm excited to give this a go and see how it works at exfoliating my blackheads away. 

The Etude House eyeshadow is from their Look at My Eyes Cafe series and is in the shade Sweet Potato Latte. It is a very unique shade that I don't have in my collection already. The finish is satin and I surmise this would make a very interesting crease shade. The pigmentation is good, not buttery rich and amazing, but definitely usable.

The strangest product in the bag was the Mizon Firming Simple Modeling Cup Pack. Maybe it's just the awkward translation that has me confused about this product. It's essentially a powder that you mix with water to transform into a gel mask. Mizon is famous for their snail skincare and is a pretty popular brand so I'm not too adverse to try this. 

If you're looking to dip your toes into Asian beauty, especially Korean brands, I think the Beauteque BB Bag is a good way to try a range of products. I like that they include well-known brands as well as several full sized products. I do think $24 and shipping is a tad much for a monthly subscription but the value in the bag is more than the price you pay (as with most subscription services). What do you think of Beauteque? Which of these items would you be most excited about?


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