Late on the Bandwagon: Nars Orgasm Blush

Does anyone talk about Nars' infamous Orgasm blush anymore? For many years this peachy pink blush dominated the top blush charts of magazines and blogs. I have no doubt that the cheeky name had at least something to do with the popularity. Somehow I never got around to purchasing this blush and only acquired a baby version from a gift with purchase. So how does this well-known blush fare? Is it worth all the hype?

If you like a glitterbomb of a blush, you'll definitely like Orgasm. You can see above that the swatch is 85% shimmer. The dark pinkish peach base is loaded with fine golden shimmer that disperses evenly across the skin. I don't detest shimmer in blush as it allows me to skip highlighter and adds a touch of luminosity the skin. I think this is a great blush topper layered over a matte shade. I recommend applying with a fluffy brush and tapping off excess glitter particles beforehand. 

Nars Orgasm isn't a must-have by any stretch of my imagination. If you want a peachy pink blush from Nars, I recommend Deep Throat (another cringey name) instead. Deep Throat is a touch more pink, has less shimmer and packs a lot more pigment so you have lovely flushed cheeks every time you wear it. What do you guys think of Nars Orgasm? Love it? Hate it? Does anyone even talk about it anymore?!


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