Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes and Cheeks for Holiday 2014: Dud or Deal?

Months ago I remember walking around Sephora and seeing the limited edition Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes and Cheeks on display. I didn't so much as stop to swatch it because something about the palette just looked off and there were too many other lovely palettes and powders to look at. Last week I noticed this palette which sold for $58 at Sephora is going for $25 on the Laura Mercier website. This was right after I cemented my love for the relaunched Eye Artist Palette so my willpower was weak. I want to deliver my thoughts on this palette while this is still in stock on the Laura Mercier website in case you've been wanting to try Laura Mercier but it's been out of your price range.

Obsessive organizers and collectors will rejoice in knowing the palette is the same exact size and format of the other Laura Mercier Artist Palette. These are the only two I have so I may be wrong in assuming older variations are the same. The Eye and Cheek Palette has a zebra printed cover that has a different texture than the Eye Palette but I like how the inside lines up perfectly. The only repeat shade between the two palettes is Vanilla Nuts, a matte cream shade that is perfect for highlighting under the brow and blending out the edges of your eyeshadow.

The eyeshadows seem to be broken up between cool and warm. On the left you have three mattes and a shimmer shade. Vanilla Nuts and Stone Taupe are two shades I can see myself using a lot and I can mix them together to form an inbetween shade. Deep Night is an interesting matte navy which is unique to my collection. I plan on using it to set black pencil liner to create a subtle blue eyeliner look. The one shimmer on the left side is Pewter, a grayish green shade that I imagine won't be flattering on my warm skin tone but I'll probably be able to use it for a smokey eye.

On the right we have some warmer tones that are more suitable for my skintone. Topaz is a satin rosey taupe that would be great as an all over lid shade. Morning Dew is a matte cream with a very slight hint of pink. It is very similar to Vanilla Nuts so I wish they had omitted Morning Dew and added a light shimmery shadow instead. Cashmere is a matte dusty pink that I think is trending these days. I don't have anything like it so I'm excited to see how it looks blended into the crease. Last but not least is Crystal Beige which is a shimmery rose and not so beige at all.

All eight eyeshadows are pigmented, creamy and beautiful on the skin. The quality is just as nice as the ones in the Eye Artist Palette although the color choices are not as complementary. However, I like that there are several matte shades and a few of the colors are truly unique to my collection.

One of the things that made this palette seem awkward at first glance is the decidedly warm cheek color. The eyeshadows as a whole lean very cool but the orange blush just looked awkward. Well, upon further inspection and a swatch, I now know the cheek color is actually meant to be a highlighter. The highlighter is smooth and pigmented but not overly so. A light dusting off this on the top of the cheekbones would look especially beautiful on darker skintones. I look forward to wearing this more in the summer months. 

For $25, the Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes and Cheeks is a good value considering the quality of all the eyeshadows and cheek color. If you already have a lot of makeup and aren't curious to try Laura Mercier, I'd suggest skipping this and waiting for another stunner in the future. The individual shades are lovely but the palette still looks a bit awkward and you can't really mix and match too much. I would have liked it if they had included another cheek color and made the pans half the size since I think they allotted too much space for a single highlighter. 

What do you think of this palette? Is it worth $25? How would you craft a makeup look using this palette?


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