Major Zoeva Brush Haul: Rose Golden Goodness

Last month I jumped on the Zoeva bandwagon and placed a generous haul because I did a massive clean out of the cheap brushes that I've had since I first started experimenting with makeup. The result? Two of the rose gold brush sets and a single brush from their standard line for $144. That's 21 brushes in total so about $6.85 for each brush with shipping factored in, making these less expensive than Sigma. I would take advantage of the favorable euro to dollar exchange rate if you've been thinking about getting these brushes.

The Rose Golden Luxury Set is the perfect introduction set for a makeup beginner or anyone who wants a solid set of travel brushes. I purchased this set to test out a variety of face brushes at a decent price. The three different sized kabuki blending brushes were what drew me in the most. Also, the angled blush brush garnered many favorable reviews and I can say it's a pleasant addition to my collection. I love that each set comes with a branded pleather pouch that is actually good quality and something I would actually use.

Pictured above from largest to smallest are the 106 Powder, 102 Silk Finish and 110 Face Shape. The powder brush is not the softest synthetic brush I've ever felt and can hinge on scratchy if I try to run the bristles against the surface of my face (which I don't try to do purposely). The Silk Finish is a great foundation brush and a more dense version of the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. The Face Shape is a great brush for blending large areas of concealer or cream highlight and contour products.

The Rose Golden Complete Eye Set comes with every brush you need to do your eye makeup. To be honest, these brushes were not as good as I had hoped them to be. The blending brushes in particular are not as soft as I had wanted them to be. They still do the job but they do not compare to my brushes from Mac, Chikuhodo or Wayne Goss. That is to be expected given the vast difference in price although I did see a number of reviews comparing these to Hakuhodo brushes. The angled liner brush is also surprisingly flimsy so not my favorite for applying eyeliner of any kind. I also experienced shedding with a few of the natural fibered (white) brushes. It wasn't a lot of lost hair but I thought I should mention it.

I would recommend just the Rose Golden Luxury Set instead of both sets because there are a few repeated brushes. I like the concealer buffing brush and the blending brushes are useable so I don't mind. These four brushes are pretty standard and ones that you'll have to clean frequently anyway so it's good to have some backups.

Another benefit of the Rose Golden Luxury Set is the short handles which make these good travel brushes. I personally prefer short handled brushes because they fit easier in my hands and I can get up closer to a mirror. 

Here is how the brushes looked when squeezed into the clear case that contained the single face brush that I also ordered. Most of the brushes also came packaged with plastic sleeves which you can see on some of the eye brushes in the photo above. I think this is a nice touch and a good resource to have when traveling so your brushes don't get very dirty.

I've saved possibly my favorite brush for last: the 109 Luxe Face Paint. This I purchased with the sole intention of using it as a contour brush for precise bronzer application. This brush is very soft and the perfect size and shape to place color in the hollows of your cheeks to give you the illusion of sharper cheekbones. If you can only purchase a few brushes, I urge you to pick this one up if you like to contour.

That sums up my thoughts on the Zoeva brushes I purchased after a few weeks of use. These aren't the best brushes I've ever used and they have a few faults such as the minor shedding and not being as ultra soft as I had wished. But for the price point, these are well made brushes and I'm glad these have become my new everyday brushes instead of still having to deal with $3 brushes from E.L.F whose ferules fell apart every few months. There are many more face brushes from the brand that I'm eyeing that I might pick up in the future. What do you think of Zoeva? Have you tried any of their brushes or makeup? Any recommendations for must-haves?


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