Trying Out Shiseido's New Perfecting Stick Concealer

In theory, base products in stick form seem very non-fuss and easy to use. After trying my first one in the form of Shiseido's new Perfecting Stick Concealer*, I have to agree that this is one of the better methods for applying makeup on the go. I had concerns that a stick concealer would be more drying than a liquid one but Shiseido claims this product will melt into the skin, not crease or fade and deliver moisture. Sounds like a dream come true for a relatively affordable high-end product that retails for $25.

This concealer stick is packaged in a lightweight but sturdy dark plastic case. In the first photo I've twisted all the product up so you can see how much is in the tube. There are six shades to choose from and I am currently the lightest shade in 11 light. I know there are many people who are lighter than I am so not everyone will be able to find a shade match.

This concealer offers light to medium, but buildable, coverage. Here I've swatched it heavily on my arm to give you a sense of the color. Normally I would use the pad of my finger to warm up the product in the tube then apply straight to a spot I want to conceal. I wouldn't recommend applying straight to your face as you'll use too much and end up looking cakey.

Above I've blended out the original swatch and you can barely tell I have any product on my arm. On smooth surfaces of skin, this concealer blends very well and look undetectable. If you have broken capillaries and old sun spots or acne scars, you'll probably find this concealer useful.

However, when this concealer encounters textured surfaces, it doesn't fare quite as well. Above I've used it as an undereye concealer. It definitely brightens my sad dark circles but it also leans a bit ashy and I much prefer the Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector. The stick concealer is also a no-go for healing spots as it really clings to dry patches and flakes. It emphasized those spots and didn't do a good job or concealing them at all.

If you have great skin and need a handy concealer to cover redness or non-textural skin woes, the Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer might be a great one, particularly if your skin leans oily. For everyone else, I think you might have to keep looking.

*This product was provided by PR. All opinions are my own.


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