Mac Shy Girl Lipstick: The First and Last

Most bloggers and Youtubers have at least post or video dedicated to Mac lipsticks whether it's about their collection, favorites or just indivudual reviews. Seeing those little black tubes lined up is a strangely satisfying image. I recently took a few Mac empties to Back to Mac and redeemed Shy Girl lipstick, a nude peach in their Cremesheen formula. A lot of people rave about the Cremesheen formula and Shy Girl is a rather popular shade so I thought I would like it. Another reason that I was attracted to Shy Girl is because my boyfriend's last name is Shy so I thought it was quite appropriate. It's a silly reason but a reason nonetheless!

Unfortunately I just don't get on with Mac lipsticks. Shy Girl has silver shimmers running through it and it applies patchy. You can see in the above swatch that the lipstick highlights every nook and cranny in my lips. My lips weren't even dry when I applied the lipstick but the formula sucked all the moisture out of my lips and made them feel flakey. The texture is not creamy and it drags upon application.

I am not sure why Mac lipsticks are still popular because there are so many better formulas on the market nowadays. Mac lipsticks currently cost $16 which puts them on the low end of department store brands but I'd rather save up a few more dollars for a better formula. The next time I Back to Mac for something, I'll opt for an eyeshadow.


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