Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: The Eyeshadow Hoarding Continues

In the past month I've gone on an eyeshadow palette rampage, picking up quite a few popular ones that I've had on my mind for too long and finally decided I needed. One of these is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette which I've swatched in Sephora numerous times but wanted to wait for a good sale. I picked this up with QVC was offering $20 off a $40 purchase for new customers, making this about 40% off. 

I love the sweet scent of the Too Faced Chocolate products and I think this palette has the perfect balance of warm, cool, matte and shimmer shadows. The packaging is also really adorable and the tin is quite durable for travel. I was surprised that the magnetized closure is not as strong as I thought and it's relatively easy to open and close this palette. That might not be a good thing when it comes to throwing this in a travel bag because it might open accidentally though. 

You get 16 eyeshadows in total. Fourteen of the shades are .03 ounces each and the two larger pans are .10 ounces each. There are six matte shades, six shimmer shades and four with a more glittery shimmer finish. I don't like that the shade names are on a plastic sleeve and not printed on the actual palette because it makes it really difficult to match the shade with a name. I guess for everyday use that doesn't really matter but for blogging purposes, it can make it difficult when you're referring to a specific shade in a palette of neutrals.

Above are swatches of all 16 shadows from left to right. All the shimmer shades are buttery and a dream to work with however some of the mattes are dry and not pigmented. The more glittery shades don't have the same creamy texture of the shimmers. The brown mattes are all wonderful but the large matte cream shadow is dry and it doesn't show up on my skin. The pink is especially awful and chalky. The most disappointing shadow in this palette is the sole "color", the purple. Candied Violet looks so promising in the pan but it is so dry and not pigmented in the slightest. I had to rub my finger in the pan a lot of times to get the swatch above. Despite some of the misses, a majority of the shadows are lovely and super nice. 

Despite some of the shadows not being consistent with the quality I've come to expect from Too Faced and a palette that retails for $49, I'm still happy to own this palette and I purchased it for only $29. I have two very popular neutral palettes scheduled to arrive in the mail on Monday and I'm excited to play with those as well. I'll give you a hint; for months if not years I thought both of those palettes looked boring and not up my alley but a few weeks ago I all of a sudden changed my mind and decided I needed to add them to my stash..... You'll find out in a few weeks what I'm talking about. In the mean time, let me know what you think of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Should I consider getting the Semi-Sweet version in the future? Any guesses on what two palettes I have coming in the mail?  


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