Starting 2016 with a Declutter

While many are declaring their resolutions for the year, I'm jumping straight into decluttering unloved beauty bits from my stash. I'm no good at resolutions and I'm simply awful at Project Pans, Project Make a Dents and those types of challenges. I love reading about other peoples' experiences with that and it's so gratifying to see other peoples' progress. But for me? Nope. Instead of making promises that I can't keep and dooming myself to failure, I'm just going to wing it.

Above are a mish mash of things I simply don't reach for. Most of these aren't new to my collection at all but I've found that I'm much better at decluttering in waves rather than all at once. Things that are too old will get tossed and my friends and family can pick out anything they want from the rest.

Here are some things I want to jot down as reminders for the rest of the year and beyond:

Avoid hoarding - This should be a general rule of thumb but it can be broken down further. I tend to hoard new-in-box lip products and base makeup with the intention of opening something when I've used up something else. But I rarely use up anything so my brand new stash of never used products grows and grows. I need to stop this behavior and cut down on new things that are added to the new-in-box stash. Another issue I've had in the past was stockpiling sheet masks. At one point I probably had over 60 and since then I've wittled it down to less than five. I hope to keep it this way and have less than 20 sheet masks at any given time.

Don't be afraid of using something I really like - One of the reasons I'm really not cut out for Project Pans is that I find myself trying really hard to use products I don't love for the sake of getting my money's worth. Well, it's simply silly to use meh makeup while things I really like sit forgotten in the depths of my collection. I'm sometimes hesitant to use things that I can't easily get my hands on like this Kate eyeshadow trio. But honestly, it'll take me awhile to get through an eyeshadow and I can always order another online if I really can't be without it.

Have fun and be brave - I find myself stuck in a "safe" makeup rut and wearing makeup to conform to a social setting. I need to get back into the mentality of wearing makeup for me and not caring if someone finds my lipstick too bright. Makeup should never be a chore but a fun experience.

Do you have any beauty goals or advice for 2016?


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