8 Essential Eye Brushes

I'm of the mindset that good brushes are a key element in great makeup application. I wanted to do a quick post on the types of eye brushes I find essential in my collection to share a few specific recommendations and to help out anyone who is looking to build up their personal kit. Keep in mind that not all of these are my favorite brushes and there are other amazing brushes that I haven't included in this post. Rather, this is an overview of different types of brushes that I find valuable for doing a complete eye look.

Classic Eyeshadow Brush
Shown here: Chikuhodo GSN-09
Everyone needs a simple flat shader brush that can deposit shadow to the lid. I love the GSN-09 because it's made of ultra soft squirrel hair and works great for a wash of color. If you prefer more oomph from your eyeshadows, opt for the Mac 239 which helps pigment adhere better to the lid.

Crease Brush
Shown here: Wayne Goss 04
A good fluffy crease brush can be used to both apply shadow and blend it out. The Wayne Goss is super soft and I can use it as a one-and-done brush if Im going for an easy look. That being said, I prefer this for applying color on the lid as opposed to blending because it's a smidgen too soft to blend colors quickly.

Blending Brush
Shown here: Mac 217
To be honest, crease and blending brushes pretty much serve the same purpose. They're multipurpose brushes that get the job done. The Mac 217 is probably the most popular eyeshadow brush in the beauty universe because it's just an all-around workhorse brush. I prefer this brush to blend around the edges.

Small Detail Brush
Shown here: Zoeva 237
Out of all the brushes, this is probably the least necessary but it's still a nice to have. I mostly use this brush to tap a brightening highlight shade on the inner corners of my eyes. This Zoeva brush in particular is the perfect size but it's actually a bit scratchy so I'm on the hunt for something better. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Smudger Brush
Shown here: Zoeva 226
A smudger brush is perfect for smoking out pencil liner for a sultry slept-in makeup look or just placing eyeshadow carefully. I tend to use this kind of brush to push dark eyeshadow along my lashline.

Pencil Brush
Shown here: Zoeva 230
If you're tight on money or just want to cut down on having too many brushes, just skip the detail and smudger brushes and go for a pencil brush. You can highlight the inner corners with this and smudge out eyeliner or eyeshadow. But my favorite use for this particular brush is for applying dark shadow to the outer corner of my eye to get a precise placement. Then I'll go in with a blending brush to dust away harsh edges. I also use this brush to place eyeshadow along my lower lashline.

Angled Eyeliner Brush
Shown here: Zoeva 322
This is actually a brow brush but I love it for gel eyeliner. I almost always wing out my eyeliner and have been using angled eyeliner brushes for years. This one in particular is very short and stiff which makes it really easy to control, but it's still soft so it doesn't tug on the lids.

Pointed Eyeliner Brush
Shown here: Sigma E05
Yes, I'm including another eyeliner brush because I love using both of these interchangeably. I don't really see anyone talk about pointed eyeliner brushes but I find them super easy to use and they are great for winging eyeliner. Between this and the angled eyeliner brush, the latter is more versatile because you can use it to set pencil liner or for your brows.

Hope this post was helpful and I'll do a post on essential face brushes at a later time. I've really invested in some great brushes over the last year or so and am still steadily building my collection so I would like to share more about brushes. Let me know your favorite brushes in the comments so I can get some recommendations!


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