An Ode to My Favorite Discontinued Drugstore Eyeshadows

It's exciting when brands come out with new products with (hopefully) better formulations but it's disappointing when they discontinue great products to make shelf space. Some of my favorite drugstore eyeshadows have gotten the axe and I'd like to find dupes for these shades if I ever manage to use these up. Looking back at my top drugstore eyeshadow favorites from 2012, four of those shades are now discontinued. Even though you can't purchase these shades anymore, I wanted to share swatches anyway. Perhaps you can let me know if you know any possible dupes.

The L'oreal HIP Eyeshadow Duos were awesome eyeshadows, rivaling the quality of highend shadows. The duo in Sassy has a stunning purple taupe that I thought would be a dupe of Mac's Satin Taupe. But I've found that it's even better than Satin Taupe. The L'oreal shadow feels richer and the color is more complex than Satin Taupe. I haven't been able to find another shadow that's a spot on dupe in terms of color. What a pity that it's not available anymore. The Electrified duo from the same HIP line is another unique combination, although I admittedly don't reach for it much.

Back when I purchased the Revlon Satin Single Eyeshadows for $5 a pop, I thought that $5 was pricey considering Maybelline quads were about the same price. Clearly that was a long time ago because I wouldn't bat an eyelash to repurchase these again for $5. These shadows are a buttery delight and the shimmer is perfectly refined. Nude Slip has just a hint of rose that makes it stand out from other nude shadows and I'd love to find a permanent shadow in this color.

I used to talk about the Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow Quads all the time and I collected at least half a dozen of these at some point. I've since destashed most of them but I've kept a few favorites. Natural Smokes and Chai Latte are my most loved quads that I used to reach for a lot. The shimmers are complex and the mattes are the perfect tone. After taking the photos for this post, I depotted these two palettes so that I would get more use out of these. Maybelline actually didn't discontinue the Expertwear quads but they reformulated the shadows and altered some of the shades. The darkest brown in the Chai Latte quad is no longer matte which is a shame.

Looking around my stash and swatching loved, but forgotten products brings me down memory lane and it's interesting to see how my perception of things has changed or stayed the same. I haven't been drawn to drugstore products as much lately but I'm really glad to have these handful of shadows in my collection.


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