K-Beauty Skincare Ingredients: Donkey Milk, Anyone?

Leave it up to Korean skincare chemists to surprise us with creams, lotions and masks containing ingredients we probably wouldn't normally slather on our faces. The Soo Ae Freeset Donkey Milk sheet masks have been around for a few years now but my initial thought was that these must be a gimmick. I gave one a try when I placed an order from Memebox a couple months back and, lo and behold, these turned out to be quite nice! Today I'll share my experience with the Healing version of the Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask. 

So why donkey milk? Apparently donkey milk is a very soothing to the skin and contains four times the amount of vitamin C as cow's milk. The sheet mask packaging states it has a high concentration of Omega 6 which helps prevent moisture loss as well. I was slightly worried this mask would have a musky or unpleasant smell but I'm happy to report it only has a slightly powdery scent (likely due to the added fragrance). 

Donkey milk is actually comes in at 11th on the ingredients list. Water is the main ingredient followed by glycerin and various ingredients in between such as camellia flower water, witch hazel extract and nephrite powder to name a few. 

Although this mask is called a Skin Gel Mask, the sheet mask itself is not made of a gel material. It feels more like a soft cotton mask. It's thin enough to adhere nicely to the skin but not too thin that it's easily ripped. The size and fit is also perfect for my face. The essence feels like a thin serum which I like because it won't drip off your face if you're sitting or standing. There's 25ml of essence in each mask which is plenty (I like to apply the extra quarter-sized dollop of essence in the packaging on my neck and arms). 

After using this mask, my skin feels moisturized and plump. There's a slight tackiness that dissipates within 10 minutes after removal which I can deal with since I go right to bed after sheet masking.

I liked these enough to pick up a few more of the Healing version as well as the Aqua version which I haven't tried yet. I purchased these during Club Clio's recent sample sale at their Union Square store. I was surprised to see you can purchase these from Target's online store but the best deal for these is at Memebox where they retail for $2 a piece. You can also get 20% off your first Memebox purchase with my affiliate link here (full disclosure, I get $10 in credit if you use my link).

For the price, this is a nice mask for a shot of moisture and I didn't have any negative reactions to it. I like using these masks after I've spent too much time in the sun or when my skin is recovering from a breakout. As the colder months roll in I'm looking forward to putting the Aqua donkey milk masks to the test to see if it's more hydrating than this one. Have you tried any donkey milk skincare products? What are your favorite sheet masks?


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