Would You Wear BB Cream to Sleep?

One thing I'm really diligent about is thoroughly removing my makeup and cleansing my skin before sleeping. It doesn't matter if I just had a little tinted sunscreen on or came home at 4 a.m. with a full face of makeup (not that the latter happens often), I will make sure my skin is clean before plopping on my pillow. But when I laid eyes on the Dr. Jart+ Night Beauty Balm, I have to admit I was intrigued. 

Known for their array of BB creams, Dr. Jart+ says this is "a day and night, multifunctional BB to make your skin clean, bright, and hydrated with no need for cleansing". No need for cleansing?! How can this be? One of the central pillars of a Korean skincare routine is double cleansing to ensure skin is thoroughly spotless so serums and moisturizers can be properly absorbed. Despite the claims of the Dr. Jart+ Night BB, I couldn't bring myself to wear this to sleep. Instead, I tested it in the daytime over my usual skincare routine (SPF included). 

This BB cream features a clear gel formula with teeny tiny white capsules of pigment suspended throughout. The capsules "burst" when you blend the BB cream into your skin to supposedly match your skin tone. Unfortunately, this won't actually adjust to your unique skintone; it just turns a light-medium beige color. I wouldn't say this has any kind of coverage but it does give a tint to the skin and helps even out my skintone. This will be slightly problematic for people of light or darker complexions because this product only comes in one shade. I would recommend removing this the same way you would makeup because when I took a cotton pad soaked with cleansing water to my face, it came away covered in pigment. 

Gimmicks aside, I actually really like this product for that no-makeup look. The gel formula is very lightweight and easy to blend seamlessly with my fingers. You need less product than you think so a full size tube will actually last a good number of uses. Although the gel starts out looking very dewy, it has a satin-matte finish once totally blended. Being that I have oily combination skin, I dust a little bit of translucent powder to set this but that's probably not even necessary for most people. This does not get greasy throughout the day and does not melt or pool in my pores either. It not only looks incredibly natural but it feels like nothing. There's no tackiness or pore-clogging sensation. It just feels like your skin which is pretty awesome. 

If you have near-perfect light to medium skin, this actually is a pretty neat skintone corrector. It can take any redness on your skin down a notch and even things out a little, all while feeling really comfortable. But I think it's very misleading to label this as an overnight skin treatment and I would advise against keeping this on your skin without properly removing it after a certain amount of time. This was a fun product to try but not one I'd repurchase just because I tend to go bare-faced or the whole nine yards when it comes to makeup. 

Do you ever wear makeup to sleep (by accident or on purpose)? What are your thoughts on this kind of skincare/makeup hybrid product? 


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