High-End Makeup Declutter: Nars, YSL, Bite, Shiseido

It's been awhile since I poked around my makeup stash looking for unloved products to give away. Since I regularly started doing these declutters and documenting them, it's gotten a lot easier for me to pick out things I never reach for. It took me too long to realize that there's no point in hoarding makeup that doesn't work for me.

A lot of the things from this pile were PR gifts or free samples. Most of these aren't bad products but they just didn't work out for me. Mostly, it's a color issue. Let's go through some of my thought processes.

How often do I wear bright fuchsia lipstick? Pretty much never. How often do I wear glittery purple eyeliner? Almost never. Would I be sad to part with these products? Nope. If I lost this blush would I even notice or care? Not really. Do I have a lot of other stuff that I actually want to use? You bet.

The Nars blush in Oasis is something I bought myself and I've only used it a handful of times. It used to be hard to think about giving away a $30 blush but the shimmers in Oasis and the color just don't flatter me. I know someone else could get a lot more enjoyment out of this blush and I'd rather they have it than let it go to waste just so it can sit with my other Nars compacts. I used to like Nars Albatross a lot and I remember there was a point in time when it was quite popular. I had an E.L.F dupe that I used all the time and funnily enough I used it a lot more than the Nars one. I guess I wanted to "save" the Nars highlighter for special occasions. Now I realize how stupid that way of thinking is. The yellow hues in Albatross aren't to my taste anymore and I have so many more lovely highlighters to choose from now.

As someone who barely wears lipsticks, I think I'll be getting rid of a lot of them in the coming months. Honestly, I could probably give away more than half of what I currently have and not miss them. But let's not get too carried away.

In my next round up, I should go through my eyeshadow stash and pick out what I never reach for anymore. I have a ton of drugstore eyeshadows that I used to collect back in my college days that I've barely touched. I'm not looking forward to confronting that part of my stash but I know I'll feel a lot better after finding those products some new homes (although some probably just need to be chucked into the bin).

Are you decluttering your stash? Do you have an all-in-one-go approach or are you taking it month by month like me? Any tips to share for a recovering makeup hoarder?


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