High End Tokyo Beauty Haul + Mini Reviews: THREE, RMK & Lunasol

Oof, this post is so belated. It's been sitting in my drafts folder for months now but I figure I'd still share here on the blog in case you don't follow me on Instagram. Compared to my Tokyo drugstore haul, the handful of high end products I picked up in Japan looks pretty controlled. I had planned to pick up a few more things but at the time I didn't really love any eyeshadow palettes or lipsticks - so I passed on those categories entirely. I stuck to buying products I knew I would get use out of and I have absolutely no regrets about that. 

I already posted a review with a before and after on the Shiseido Synchro Skin White Cushion Compact so I won't talk about it again here. For consistency I wanted to make sure I mentioned it because it is eye-wateringly expensive for a cushion foundation. About $50 for both the case and ONE cushion cartridge, to be exact. 

Everything else in this post I purchased at Narita Airport at the duty free boutique. I had a good experience browsing and shopping at Narita duty free - it's just easier not having to go to a separate counter to get your tax refund. 

I was impressed with the selection of THREE products they had at the airport. I think they had pretty much the entire line there. I had been eyeing the THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation after reading several positive blogger reviews before going to Japan. It usually goes for ¥5,000 excluding tax but it was selling for ¥4,200 (~$37) at the airport. Not bad for a high end foundation. First off, I love the packaging of this. It's super sleek and the fact that it has a pump is fantastic! This foundation comes in 10 shades and I chose the second lightest. I haven't worn it enough times to do a comprehensive review yet but I tried it out for the first time in my most recent Get Ready With Me video. Once I've had a bit more time to play with this, I'll do a full review with before and after close-ups. 

Though I wasn't really drawn to the eyeshadow palettes (shocker), the blushes were really up my alley. I limited myself to two - one from THREE and one from RMK. 

The THREE Cheeky Chic Blush comes in 12 shades and I purchased 08 Eternal Traveller. I chose this solely based on the fact that I think the satin rose color is a classic but I totally love the name as well! These normally retail for ¥3,000 each (excluding tax) but I paid ¥2,520 (~$22). I think that's a really reasonable price for a luxury blush. I love the very minimal, compact packaging and though it looks super tiny, it's only a bit smaller than a Nars blush (4 grams vs. 4.8 grams). 

I wasn't planning to get anything from RMK but their Ingenious Powder Cheeks in 07 was the perfect soft peach shade - I couldn't resist. I love the frosted, see-through case and, like the THREE blush, it's super small and great for travel. Though you get a little less product (3.4 grams) this was a bit more expensive than the THREE blush at ¥2,600 (~$23). Still not a bad price for a really lovely blush from a reputable department store brand. I've used this blush a lot more than the THREE one so far and I think it's lovely. It's a really light shade but it definitely shows up on my skin and looks very natural. This is perfect for people who don't wear a lot of makeup but want some color on their cheeks. The powder is pressed quite hard into the pan but my natural haired brushes have no problem picking up pigment. 

The final thing I grabbed was the Lunasol Sheer Light Gloss in 02 Cool Beige. I gravitated towards this because I love the look of milky semi-nude pink beige glosses. In the tube, this reminded me of the Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Blush, one of my favorite lipglosses. Suffice to say that they weren't kidding when they called this a sheer gloss. I find this to be more akin to a glossy lip conditioner than the kinds of liquid lipstick-type glosses that are popular in the states. This lunasol gloss feels really nice on the lips; it's not sticky at all and feels moisturizing. But the lasting power is nonexistent so you basically need to reapply every hour. This was ¥2,125 (~$19) so a little pricey for a sheer gloss but I've put this in my daily makeup pouch to ensure I get the most use out of it. 

I'm happy with my Tokyo purchases and I still need some more time to play with a couple of things, namely the foundation, before my verdict is out. I'm kicking myself a little for not spotting the Addiction counter at Narita until I was literally running for my gate (took a little too long eating and sitting around doing nothing at the airport until the last minute). But I guess that just means I have to revisit Japan soon! 


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