I Spent $85 On A Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad - Was It Worth It?

For years I lusted after the Tom Ford eyeshadow quads but the price was exorbitant - how good could a $85 quad be? After much deliberation, my curiosity got the best of me and I purchased Nude Dip during the Sephora 20% off sale at the end of last year. So I guess the title of this post is a little misleading.

I took photos of the quad in pristine condition when I first got it but I deleted a lot of files from my computer recently in an effort to declutter and I must have accidentally wiped those. So here you see the current state of my quad which I keep on my vanity front and center. I figure that I should try to use it a lot since I spent so much money on it.... So what's the verdict?

Right off the bat I'll tell you that for the regular makeup-wearer this quad is worth $85. By that I mean that you can find beautiful eyeshadows that cost much less. I haven't bought new eyeshadow in quite some time but judging from swatches I've seen online, you're able to get top notch shadows from brands like Colourpop for only a few bucks. By no means am I saying the Colourpop shadows are better (I haven't tried them), but if you just want great eyeshadows and don't need luxurious packaging, you should probably pass on the Tom Ford ones.

By no means am I saying the Tom Ford shadows aren't good. In fact, they're very good if you like super shimmery, finely milled eyeshadows. The shadows in Nude Dip have a gelee texture so when you swatch the shades with your finger, it glides onto your fingertips. I find that applying these with a very soft squirrel hair shadow brush really helps the nuances of the shimmer stand out. I personally get the most use out of the three darker shades. Usually I'll apply the second peachy shade all over my lid and then the darkest shadow close to my lash line. The darkest color isn't as shimmery as the other shades but I wish they had made it a full on matte with a more creamy texture. My biggest gripe with this palette is that the there isn't a good crease definition shade. I usually have to reach for another palette to grab some matte shadows.

Call me crazy but even though I'm not head over heels in love with Nude Dip, I'm tempted to add some of the other Tom Ford quads to my collection. Some of their other quads that do not made with the gelee formula have more variances in finish. Cocoa Mirage has always been on my wishlist and looks like the perfect quad of cream and browns that will complement anything.

All in all, based on this one quad that I have from the brand, I'd say they're definitely a luxe nice-to-have but by no means the absolute best shadows to have ever graced my eyelids. Do you have any Tom Ford eyeshadows? Are they a must-have in your book?


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