Tarte Aspyn Ovard Palette: Review & Swatches

It's been awhile since I've come across a palette that I felt I needed; a lot of the current trends (holographic duochromes, burnt oranges, etc.) aren't appealing to me. I'm a neutral makeup person through and through so when I saw the promo images for the limited edition Tarte and Aspyn Ovard palette, my interest was instantly piqued. Prior to the release of this palette I've never heard of Aspyn Ovard but the overall aesthetic of the palette was right up my alley.

Consisting of nine neutral shadows of creams, tans and browns in varying finishes, a neutral blush and a highlight, I thought this would make a really nice all-in-one travel palette. I also really like the rose gold compact's floral cover and the big mirror on the inside of the palette. For $40 this isn't an expensive palette but is it worth the money? Let's check out the swatches....

Upon first swatch, there were a number of negatives right off the bat. The first is that the light eyeshadows are too similar. The whole first column of shadows looks really similar on my skin tone and considering there are only nine shades total, I would have liked to see more differentiation between shades. Three of the four shadows that aren't matte are straight up glittery; Endless Summer, Heart of Gold, and Wanderlust are crumbly glitter shades that definitely have fall out. I've taken to applying those shades with my fingers to help the formula adhere to my skin better. If you have an eyeshadow primer made for glitter shadows, this would definitely be the time to break that out. I would have liked to see some rich, metallic or shimmer shades but none of these accomplish that.

On the plus side, the shades do complement each other well and I'm able to do a soft, everyday look with just this one palette alone. The matte shades are nicely pigmented but on the dusty side where dipping your brush in will result in kick-up. I enjoy the blush and highlighter a lot more than I originally anticipated. On my current early summer, slightly tan skin tone, the blush is a lovely warm pink that makes my cheeks look really healthy. I wish the highlight was a smidge less pink toned but it looks really nice on the tops of my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose. No complaints about either of those!

I definitely didn't need this palette because the shades are all easily dupable and there are a number of issues I had with the quality and diversity of the shadows. It's not a bad palette per se because I can still create looks I'm happy with it. But it's not one I'd recommend you to rush out and get - there are better alternatives out there.


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