Why You Need Manyo Factory's Galactomy Clearskin Toner In Your Routine

To tone or not to tone? That's a question I see a lot and I've debated the merits of incorporating a toner into my skincare routine more than once. I'm currently in the yes-to-toner camp because this post-cleanse step removes any remaining residue while simultaneously prepping the skin for essences, serums and moisturizers. I layer my skincare products over ever so slightly damp skin because they sink in much better than when I slather on moisturizing creams on dry skin.

The Manyo Factory Galactomy Clearskin Toner is a great example of why this step is beneficial. I have to thank Mimi from Makeup Withdrawal for her thorough Manyo Factory reviews because prior to her posts, I had never heard of this Korean skincare brand. She's raved many times about the Galactomy Clearskin Toner so I made it a point to pick this up while I was in Seoul in August.

Manyo Factory says this toner has galactomyces extract which gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin, prevents skin dryness, fights inflammation and blackheads, tightens pores, improves skin tone, making it bright and fresh. What's not to love about that description? Galactomyces is a byproduct of yeast fermentation and it's been made popular as a skincare ingredient by brands like SKII. This toner also includes AHAs and BHAs to gently exfoliate the skin. Manyo Factory doesn't state the percentages of these exfoliating ingredients but I believe they're quite low as I never feel any stinging or discomfort when I use this product, unlike other exfoliating toners I've used in the past. Manyo Factory also incorporated centella asiatica extract (aka cica) which is a calming ingredient.

Since incorporating this toner into my routine, I find that my skin texture has improved, especially on my inner cheek area where I usually have enlarged pores. While I still get breakouts during a certain time of the month, my skin recovers a lot faster in between these episodes. The light exfoliation this toner provides helps my moisturizing skincare products absorb better, keeping flaky skin at bay.

I can use this toner daily, day and night without irritation, though I tend to apply it at night only if I'm not using any other exfoliating skincare products. Honestly, I skip this most mornings simply to cut down on my skincare steps. You can apply this straight to the skin and layer your other products over top but I usually spritz this on a cotton pad and wipe the solution over my skin.

For some reason the bottle I have has a pump nozzle whereas most other bottles I've seen online come with a spray. Manyo Factory may have repackaged the product recently or have different packaging for different markets because I purchased my bottle directly from Olive Young in Seoul.

I definitely see myself repurchasing this toner but I wish I had the foresight to buy a backup of this in Korea where it's significantly cheaper. Olive Young was having a promotion on Manyo Factory products so I nabbed this for about $18 whereas it retails for $29 on Manyo Factory's website.

Do you have a toner step in your skincare routine? Do you tend to stick to one toner or do you change it up depending on your skin condition?


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