Best Blush Find of 2020: EM Cosmetics Color Drops Serum Blush

The year isn't quite over yet but I'm going to go ahead and crown the Em Cosmetics Color Drops Serum Blushes as my favorite blush purchase of 2020. I believe these first launched last year with four shades and then they expanded the line with four additional colors a few months ago. I currently have four shades: Rose Milk, Peachy Peach, Sunset Sky and Venetian Rose. 

Here is the product description per the Em Cosmetics website: Makeup meets skincare with sheer buildable color to amplify your natural radiance. This lightweight, yet luxurious serum is formulated with skin-loving ingredients to provide a youthful, dewy glow with each and every drop.

I started out by purchasing just one of these since they retail for $25. The price can add up quickly when you love these as much as I do. Rose Milk was the first shade I picked up because I thought it looked the most wearable for every day but after one application, I wanted more. If you're looking to purchase one or more of these, I highly recommend waiting for a sale. I purchased all of mine when there were 15-20% off sales to make the price tag a little easier to swallow.

The formula is truly unique compared to other liquid or cream blushes. True to its name, these have a serum texture that feels really nourishing on my skin without being greasy. I've read some comments from people with more oily skin who didn't like how this felt on their skin. So if you have extremely oily skin and don't like any dewy products, then maybe you won't like these as much. I have pretty normal to dehydrated skin now that I'm in my late 20s and I always wear these over a base and powder so I don't have any issue with the sheen. 

A single drop is enough product for both cheeks, though you can build up the color with another drop. I like to tap the product on my cheeks with my fingers to distribute it evenly. You can see how I apply these blushes in this IGTV video. This formula doesn't break down my foundation or powder and blends really easily.

Above I've swatched the shades I have (from left to right): Rose Milk, Venetian Rose, Peachy Peach, and Sunset Sky. None of the shades have any shimmer in them but they all have a gorgeous sheen. 

Though the small bottle packaging is both luxurious and adorable, the dropper dispenser is my only gripe with the Color Drop Serum Blushes. Sometimes when I'm taking the dispenser out of the bottle, the dropper seems to get stuck and I have to pull quite hard to dislodge it from the opening. The dropper itself is not very reliable and sometimes product will come flying out with just one "click" of the button, which is a waste when I only need one drop per application. I've seen similar complaints from others so I know it's not just a defect with the ones I have or user error. I hope Em Cosmetics fixes this issue in future batches because it's a really annoying flaw in an otherwise 10/10 product. 

More swatches in the video above if you prefer seeing the texture on video. I really enjoy using these blushes and am really pleased with the shades I have at the moment. They're a special formula that I think many people will enjoy.


  1. Rose Milk is absolutely gorgeous, as is the packaging on these! It's a shame the dropper isn't the best, fingers crossed they can get that fixed!

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart


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