My First Prada: The Re-Edition 2005 Saffiano Bag

Today's post is another one for the handbag-lovers. For my birthday a few weeks ago I wanted to gift myself a nice purse and was deciding between a few that are currently on my list. Ultimately I chose the Prada Re-Edition 2005 Saffiano Bag in Cameo, which has been out of stock on the Prada website for months but I happened to come across it at the Soho boutique the weekend before my birthday. 

I initially wanted the original black nylon Prada Re-Edition 2005 after seeing the multiple ways Joan (@joanday) styled it with both casual and dressy outfits. The nylon version of the bag comes in a variety of shades for the fabric but the hardware is always silver, whereas the saffiano version comes with gold hardware. I like that the nylon version is easy to care for, though the saffiano leather is very scratch resistant and relatively worry-free as well. 

One of the main differences between the nylon and saffiano versions is the price point. The nylon version recently went up in price to $1,390 (it was previously around $1,200) and the saffiano is $1,950. For me, $1,200 seemed reasonable for the nylon style but the price increase really turned me away. With tax, I just didn't think $1,500 was worth it for a nylon purse. 

Though the saffiano leather version is about 40% more expensive, the Re-Edition 2005 is essentially two bags in one because of the removable strap and chain. I knew that I would rarely wear the nylon bag with just the silver chain sans fabric strap whereas I could definitely see myself using the leather bag with just the gold chain. I was sold on the Cameo beige color after seeing it on Lisa (@getawei).

I was drawn to this bag because the thick fabric strap makes it really convenient to carry cross body and the overall vibe of the bag is casual enough that I can run errands with it without feeling too dressed up. The Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires has a very similar thick strap, multi-compartment situation going on and it's also on my list (honestly shocking because I've never been drawn to LV in the past) but I ultimately went for the Prada Re-Edition because it's more low-key due to the subdued branding. The strap length is also adjustable which I really appreciate because if I'm wearing this over a thick puffy coat, I like to make the strap longer so it's easier to take this on and off. 

In terms of what fits in the bag, I can carry all of my daily essentials in here comfortably. In the main bag compartment I can fit my phone (iPhone X), small wallet (currently the Chanel zip coin purse which I use as a card holder), makeup bag (hand cream, hand sanitizer, lip products, perfume samples, blotting paper) and a small packet of tissues. If I'm wearing clothing with secure pockets, I'll usually keep my phone in there but it's pretty easy to get in and out of this bag. That being said, there's not really any room to fit anything else in the bag once these items are inside. You could make cram another lip product or two but nothing else that is substantial. 

When I carry my other bags, I usually slip my house keys into my makeup bag to prevent the keys from scratching the inside of my purse or my wallet. But the great thing about the Re-Edition 2005 is the little pouch that dangles from the strap which perfectly holds a set of keys. I'm able to fit my keys as well as a small lip balm in that pouch. 

Before I got this bag, I thought this little compartment would be able to fit some cards but it doesn't really do so comfortably. I wish they had made the pouch just a few millimeters wider so I can fit my cards in here and do without a wallet entirely if I wanted to. Alas, you're pretty limited in terms of what you can use this pouch for. You can remove it from the bag and use it as a coin purse but I wouldn't do that personally because the clasp that attaches to the strap isn't removable and I think it looks quite odd. 

Another thing I wish I knew about the bag is that the inner lining is a fabric. It's actually an embroidered fabric lining that looks really beautiful and adds a nice detail to the bag. However the light fabric lining also means that if any liquid or cream spills inside the bag, it'll stain. It's something to be aware of if you're accident prone so make sure your lipglosses aren't leaking and your hand cream tops are screw on tight. When I inspected the bag after I got home, I noticed there were actually some pulled threads on the inside lining which I didn't notice when I was in the store. I trimmed the excess fluff with scissors and it looks fine now. That being said, owners of this bag should take care not to put things that might scratch the inside fabric such as loose keys or anything else that is sharp. It'll mess up the inside lining very easily. 

Overall I'm very pleased with this bag and excited to style it through the seasons. So far I've mostly worn it over my Aritzia puffer as a casual day bag but I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this bag in the spring and summer as well. Unlike my Chanel classic flap, I don't see this bag as one that will likely hold its resale value over time just because it's a pretty trendy piece. But I can see myself reaching for this for years to come because of the neutral color, sturdiness of the leather and interchangeable strap options, so I hope to get a lot of use from this bag to make it worth the price. 

What are your thoughts on the Prada Re-Edition 2005? Let me know if you have any specific questions about the bag that I've not answered in the comments!


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